Who are VBS?  

We are expert industrial roofing and cladding contractors who specialise in the waterproofing of all industrial and commercial types of building. As a company, we possess a diverse skill set allowing us to also specialise in roof light replacement and installation as well as gutter lining and maintenance. Based in the Northwest and offer our services throughout the UK carrying out contracts from a large scale over cladding and roof renewal to roof facilities management. 

What are rooflights? 

Rooflights are effectively windows in the roof of your property, which allow natural light into the building. In this blog we are going to look at some of the benefits of rooflights and why and where they might be installed. 

Where can you install rooflights? 

You will generally see rooflights in large commercial properties like warehouses and offices. Where you have a high ceiling and a ceiling without a loft space, a rooflight is an option. 

When will they help? 

There are many advantages to installing rooflights to your building. One of the main benefits of rooflights is that they help cut your lighting bill. In a busy warehouse, you are going to need good high-quality light throughout the day. In a larger building, you are may be a quite a distance from an exterior wall with a window and this is unlikely to provide all the light that you need, even during the middle of the day. 

Rooflights can help bring quality daylight to central spaces within a building, taking advantage of those large spaces to help distribute light across the floor of warehouses or open plan offices. Remember that this light is free and won’t cost you any money unlike an electric lamp.  

There is also a growing concern that has received a lot of press coverage: many members of the country’s workforce don’t get enough daylight when they are working in an office. Many older buildings were built without sufficient glazing in an effort to improve efficiency and cut costs, or were poorly designed so that offices were in parts of the building far away from external walls. 

Daylight is really important as it helps our bodies produce Vitamin D which helps regulate the body clock, is important for mental wellbeing and can have physical health benefits as well. There are various studies which show the benefits of a well-lit office with plenty of natural light.  

Why install one? 

Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state – “Every workplace shall have suitable and sufficient lighting which shall, so far as is reasonably practicable, be by natural light”. These comments are restated in HSG38 – Lighting at Work. 

The most effective method of providing even, consistent daylight, particularly in large buildings, is through roof lighting – up to three times more efficient than windows of a similar area. Diffusing materials should be used wherever possible to provide even light distribution and avoid glare. Wall glazing is less effective and can create internal shadows and dark corners. However, it does offer good psychological benefits and must not be ignored.