Who are VBS? 

Established in 1987 by the Valentine family and have over 75 combined years of experience. Unlike other roofing contractor companies, despite our success and rapid growth, we have remained a 100% family-owned business and we care about our customers. You will be assured of a personal and professional service from a family run company who know that our continued success is only guaranteed by satisfied customers.  

What is a drone roof survey? 

Technological advances benefit almost every aspect of life. One of the most recent technological advances has been the advent of drones. The increase in the use of drones has been present in a range of industries and has benefited them greatly. And the roofing world is no exception. 

Where is a survey needed? 

Accessing the roof for short term work like roof surveys can pose substantial risks. With over 30 years of experience in providing effective roof safety systems, VBS Ltd drone-based roof surveys provide a means of producing high quality imagery of a roof area without posing any risk to personnel. 

When will it help? 

If you’re not using drones during your roof surveys, here are a whole range of benefits you’re missing out on. 

Time and Cost Effective: Not only can routine maintenance be carried out by a drone in hard to reach areas, when a problem with a roof is apparent, a drone can be used to quickly find the source of the issue. A drone survey does not need time spent erecting ladders, scaffolding or viewing platforms and it does not need any extra man power so the process is completed much more quickly than a traditional survey. Additionally, a drone survey is highly accurate and can provide better results than again, more traditional survey services which can save you money in the long run. 

Limited disruption: A drone survey does not require processes within the commercial property to cease. Work can carry on as normal meaning disruption to your business is limited. Often, when a roof survey is carried out without the use of a drone, business needs to be temporarily shut down which can cost you money in lost productivity. This doesn’t happen with a drone survey leaving work to continue. 

Reducing risk: Roof inspections and surveys whilst not inherently dangerous, do carry some degree of risk. Some older buildings have highly inaccessible roof areas or areas which are tricky to examine with the human eye and can pose serious health and safety concerns for those carrying out the work. Drones allow for simple and straightforward surveys even in the most inaccessible areas with no risk to human life. 

Provides concrete evidence: The nature of drone surveys mean that the entire operation is recorded from start to finish. You are able to evaluate the footage yourself for complete peace of mind and can easily see areas of concern, issues with the roof and ultimately, any work that was done to fix the problem. 

Why VBS ltd? 

We have over 30 years’ experience in the roofing industry and quality delivery as paramount and essential to any works undertaken, have a look at our latest’s projects to see the quality of work that we produce. 

Want to see the benefit of drone roof surveys? We can provide an industrial & commercial drone roof diagnostic survey for your property. Contact us at VBS ltd for more information.