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Over cladding has been used extensively over time, most often these are 30-50 year old buildings suffering from poor performance.

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What is Wall Overcladding?

Wall cladding is the process of layering one material on top of another material which will create a skin layer over the walls. Cladding is almost exclusively used as a control feature, preventing the walls and the internal workings of a room or building being damaged by water or allowing the leakage of water that could potentially become a hazard for people who are walking around inside of the structure.

Where is Wall Overcladding needed?

A quality wall cladding is a great way to protect a building from adverse weather elements, as well as other types of irritants that could have a negative effect on the building. This service can transform the appearance and structural integrity of a building with minimal cost and time commitment. Here at VBS we use only the highest quality materials and therefore offer our clients long term solutions as opposed to short term fixes.

Why VBS Ltd?

VBS Ltd was established in 1987 and over the following years have worked with a number of high-profile clients, delivering wall cladding solutions of the highest possible standard.

The main advantage of using wall cladding is to protect a building form external damage while needing little to no maintenance. Once the wall cladding is in place, it will not need to be regularly checked or serviced like other weather protection measures have to be, costing time and money.

We have the expertise and knowledge obtained from working on several large and high-profile projects from industrial and commercial buildings. We have qualifications and certification allowing us to work to a variety of different industry specifications and standards, and always ensure the quality and effectiveness of our wall cladding solutions.

    Benefits of this service

    Choosing wall cladding as an option for your roofing system can offer numerous benefits to help enhance your commercial or industrial property.

    • Your building can stay open as the walls are still in position

    • Vast visual improvement of your building
    • Increase the lifespan with an additional protective layer
    • Stops damp and draughts and improve overall energy efficiency
    • Increased thermal properties where insulation option is taken

    • The work will involve minimal disruption, so you don’t lose trade or revenue

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      Wall Overcladding

      Over cladding has been used extensively over time, most often these are 30-50 year old buildings suffering from poor performance.

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      Why should I choose VBS?

      We have over 30 years experience and quality delivery as paramount and essential to any works undertaken, have a look at our latests projects to see the quality of work that we produce.

      My roof is leaking what should I do?

      Call us immediately on 01706 222 292 and we will advise the best solution depending on how serious the leak is.

      Do you supply scaffolding?

      Absolutely we do, anything we can do to make the process easier for you is high on our list of things to do.

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      Our quotes and estimates are free of charge, we will get to the root of the problem quickly and give you a price to repair.

      Do I have to be in when you come to look at the work?

      Not necessarily. If we can gain access to what we need to see, then no, you do not need to be at the building when we come to inspect the required work. But it's always best if you are there.

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