Strip and Re-sheet

Strip and re-sheet effectively involves removing all of the previous roof and wall covering and replacing it with a new system.

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Every roof is subject to wear and tear, such as damage from the weather, natural lifespan deterioration of materials or damage from animals. Stripping off the existing roof materials and re-sheeting allows the owner of a property to replace a damaged, decayed or out-of-date roof with modern one.

A strip and re-sheet will often offer several advantages such as improved insulation, better roof safety, and removing asbestos, as well as the obvious advantages of having an effective and well-sealed roof. Re-sheeting is suitable for concrete sheeting, asbestos, felt and metal roofs, as well as other commercial and industrial roofing materials.

We replace with the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your current roof  structure which will perform more efficiently and be far more easier to maintain.

During a strip and re-sheet we can also install roof lights to increase natural light into the building which in turn helps reduces your energy costs.

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Benefits of this service

Choosing a strip and re-sheet as an option for your roofing system can offer numerous benefits to help enhance your commercial or industrial property.

  • Asbestos safely removed from your building if present.

  • Improved aesthetic look both inside and outside your building.

  • Increased natural daylight through new translucent roofing panels.

  • Improved insulation performance of the building

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