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VBS are specialist in asbestos roof overcladding, all our roof over clads come with full written guarantees

Choosing over cladding as an option for your roofing system can offer numerous benefits to help enhance your commercial or industrial property.


What is an Overclad?

Overcladding is the process of covering/encapsulating an old dilapidated roofing system with new modern materials making your roof weatherproof and thermally efficient.


When is an Overclad needed?

Typically, overcladding is carried out when one of the following criteria is met: –

  • When an existing asbestos roof is deemed beyond repair.
  • When it is not practical to carry out a strip and re-sheet due to site specific limitations.
  • When the removal of asbestos waste is not financially suitable for your budget.


Will the Overclad make our roof nonfragile?

Yes, overcladding your existing roof covering using modern nonfragile materials will allow your new roof covering to be classed as non-fragile.  Although roof lights are still classed as a fragile area on any roof build up.


Will our Overclad meet warm roof regulations?

With energy costs steadily increasing over time and with EPC regulation changes for industrial and commercial buildings, an asbestos overclad would be completed using a 240mm quilt insulation build up.

This method will achieve the current PART-L warm roof regulations of 0.18W/m2K.


Will the Overclad still allow natural daylight into the property?

Yes, this is achieved by replacing your original rooflights with new GRP rooflights before the overclad is carried out. This will ensure adequate natural daylight throughout the property.


Does Overcladding disturb any asbestos?

When overcladding an asbestos roof, the aim is to not disturb any asbestos.

We offer a service at the clients request where we will organise an independent air monitoring specialist whilst any overcladding works are carried out.


Is the asbestos safe to leave in place?

Yes, the main aim of an overclad is to make a roof weatherproof whilst also encapsulating the asbestos roof covering, once this is achieved the asbestos is safe to leave in place.


The safety of your employees during the Overclad!

There are many risks to consider whilst working at heights and with operatives working below.

With our 100% safety track record all our works come with site specific RAMS detailing the precautions taken to keep everyone including non VBS staff safe whilst on site.

Benefits of this service

Choosing over cladding as an option for your roofing system can offer numerous benefits to help enhance your commercial or industrial property.

  • Your building can stay open as the walls are still in position

  • Vast visual improvement of your building
  • Increase the lifespan with an additional protective layer
  • Stops damp and draughts and improve overall energy efficiency
  • Increased thermal properties where insulation option is taken

  • The work will involve minimal disruption, so you don’t lose trade or revenue

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