Industrial Skylights

Skylights are a roof window which follows the same angle as the roof which are made to suit the same profile as the roof covering.

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Industrial skylights are a roof window which follows the same angle as the roof which are made to suit the same profile as the roof covering. Skylights are made of a (GRP) which is fibreglass without the colouring compound making it transparent, allowing light to penetrate into your working environment. Hence the word skylight or otherwise known as a rooflight.

Industrial skylights and industrial rooflights are a very effective way of lighting your industrial or commercial building without the need of artificial light.

Skylights/rooflights have been around for centuries dating back to ancient roman times and can still be seen in old architecture today. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution when they started to close them off buy using glass to cover the open hole because getting natural light into a building was a very important factor of lighting your premises but

the open holes were causing damage to the buildings and contents. This is where the phrase ‘day lighting’ comes from (a process used to allow direct and/or indirect daylight into a building via top lighting.

Skylights/rooflights are used in modern day building design more than ever today with the constant rise of utilities and as (grp) products advance they last much longer than older materials.

Good quality (grp) today can last up to 30 years on a roof before it shows any signs of breaking down due to the constant attack from the ultraviolet rays caused from the sun.

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Benefits of this service

Allowing natural light into buildings can offer companies a number of benefits; reduced energy costs and improved employee performance. 

  • GRP AND POLYCARBONATE ROOFLIGHTS: We provide GRP, low carbon GRP and anti-fragility GRP rooflights. All these products are designed to allow maximum light penetration into your building.

  • EXPERIENCE & RELIABILITY: With over 15 years’ experience in replacing and installing industrial/commercial rooflights we have the knowledge to deal with all types of roofs and provide the highest standards of work and long-term reliability

  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT SOLUTION : We have the knowledge and experience of different rooflight systems to be able to advise on the most efficient solution to get maximum benefit at minimum cost.

  • NO SUBSTITUTE FOR NATURAL LIGHT: It does not matter if its sunshine or raining outside, you are guaranteed natural light through your industrial/commercial rooflights

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