Preventive Maintenance

Addressing a problem before deterioration of the element is almost always cheaper than rebuilding or patching it.

What is preventative maintenance?

A preventive maintenance plan is an investment for the future.

VBS Industrial Roofing and Cladding Contractors know that over time every roof will be affected by wear and tear from the weather and will often need maintaining or repairing.

We understand that a roof is one of the most important structural elements on a building and any roof problems could cause a risk to the running of your business. That’s why we deal with all industrial roof repairs quickly, efficiently and most importantly, cost effectively.

Here at VBS we believe that building owners should think that spending a little bit today can save you a vast amount of time and money tomorrow. Proving a preventive maintenance plan is key for any business.

Why preventative maintenance?

Stay ahead of roof problems with regular inspections. Here are two compelling reasons why:

Saves Money
Preventive maintenance measures are always less costly. Addressing a problem before deterioration of the element is almost always cheaper than rebuilding or patching it. Also consider consequential damages that result from roof problems; lost product, safety issues, poor indoor air quality, lost time, and poor morale are all soft costs that are hard to calculate but come directly out of your bottom line.

Inspecting your roof and performing necessary maintenance will extend the life of your roof. The sooner small deficiencies are identified and repaired, the greater the chance that the existing roofing system will perform as intended for its maximum life expectancy. Early detection of problems is key.

    Benefits of this service

    Choosing preventative maintenance for your roofing system can offer numerous benefits to help enhance your commercial or industrial property.

    • Keeps Costs Low

    • Prevents Disaster
    • Protects employees and customers 
    • Protectssyou inventory
    • Keeps your doors open

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      Why should I choose VBS?

      We have over 30 years experience and quality delivery as paramount and essential to any works undertaken, have a look at our latests projects to see the quality of work that we produce.

      My roof is leaking what should I do?

      Call us immediately on 01706 222 292 and we will advise the best solution depending on how serious the leak is.

      Do you supply scaffolding?

      Absolutely we do, anything we can do to make the process easier for you is high on our list of things to do.

      Do you charge for quotes?

      Our quotes and estimates are free of charge, we will get to the root of the problem quickly and give you a price to repair.

      Do I have to be in when you come to look at the work?

      Not necessarily. If we can gain access to what we need to see, then no, you do not need to be at the building when we come to inspect the required work. But it's always best if you are there.

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