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Plygene Gutterline is an excellent product for re-lining industrial and commercial gutters as it stops gutters leaking for good.

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What is Plygene Gutterline?

Plygene Gutterline is an excellent product for re-lining industrial and commercial gutters as it stops gutters leaking for good and it’s cost effective. Plygene Gutterline material is incredibly hard-wearing and carries a 25 year guarantee. It is pliable enough to mould to any gutter profile and will tolerate changes in temperatures and building movement without splitting or cracking.

The Gutterline system creates a fully waterproof ‘gutter within a gutter’ leaving the original gutter untouched so there is no need for any structural work.

Where is Plygene Gutterline needed?

The sheer thought of replacing the guttering system is enough to leave any building owner pulling their out. The cost and general hassle make it one of the worst upgrade jobs imaginable, especially if it could be prevented. Gutter lining can restore those facilities to their former glory without nearly the same level of potential issues.

Why VBS?

VBS Ltd are qualified installers of Plygene Gutterline systems VBS Ltd know that Plygene Gutterline is equally effective on North Light roofs with lots of valley gutters as it is on perimeter and boundary gutters.And it works with any original gutter structure, whether it is cast iron, asbestos, concrete, timber or modern fibre materials.

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    Benefits of this service

    Choosing Gutterline as an option for your guttering system can offer numerous benefits to help enhance your commercial or industrial property:

      • Made to measure to fit your industrial or commercial gutter profiles
      • Can be used on most types of industrial and commercial gutter, old or new
      • Can be used on concrete gutters
      • BBA Certified
      • 25 year guarantee.
      • Stops damp
      • The work will involve minimal disruption, so you don’t lose trade or revenue

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    My roof is leaking what should I do?

    Call us immediately on 01706 222 292 and we will advise the best solution depending on how serious the leak is.

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    Absolutely we do, anything we can do to make the process easier for you is high on our list of things to do.

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    Our quotes and estimates are free of charge, we will get to the root of the problem quickly and give you a price to repair.

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    Not necessarily. If we can gain access to what we need to see, then no, you do not need to be at the building when we come to inspect the required work. But it's always best if you are there.

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