Over cladding is the renovation of a facade by the addition of a new skin over the original external fabric of the building.

What is overcladding and how can this roofing solution be used to enhance your industrial building?

Overcladding is a fundamental part of the services we deliver here at VBS Ltd and the majority of our industrial and commercial customers use overcladding as a simple and cost-effective way to refurbish their roofing system. But what exactly is overcladding and how can this roofing solution be used to enhance your industrial or commercial building?

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What is Overcladding?

Overcladding is effectively the process of applying a ‘second skin’ to your existing roofing system using metal sheeting or cladding. This process guarantees any access points for water and other external damage are entirely covered and your building remains weather-proof and water tight.
Overcladding has been used by building owners as an alternative to roof replacement for a long time. Roof replacement, also known as strip and resheet, can be a particularly expensive and disruptive option whilst overcladding can be used to enhance and improve the condition of your existing roof to make it last for years to come.

Where is Overcladding needed?

Many industrial buildings need some form of renovation or repair over time and overcladding is used as a straightforward option that causes very little disruption to the structure of the building so you and your employees can go about your day as usual whilst work is being carried out.

The Benefits of Overcladding Your Property

Minimal disruption to the working day of your commercial or industrial building is just one advantage of using overcladding to renew your roofing system, building owners can harness the following benefits thanks to overcladding. 

  • Improved insulation and energy efficiency ensuring your building stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter months
  • Increased lifespan of existing roof system with addition of protective ‘second skin’
  • Cheaper alternative to expensive full roof replacement
    Enhanced appearance with a range of colours, designs and finishes available
  • Better ventilation thanks to external skin, supportive structure, ventilation cavity and insulating layer
  • Reduced maintenance costs for years to come with lower condensation risk, thermal bridging and corrosion.

Asbestos Overcladding

Asbestos Roofs will almost certainly need radically upgrading to meet today’s exacting regulations.

Roof Cladding

Over cladding has been used extensively over time, most often these are 30-50 year old buildings suffering from poor performance.

Wall Cladding

We are one of the leading Industrial Roofing and Cladding Contractors throughout the Northwest and can help with all your cladding needs.

Getting to grips with U-values!

When considering a new roofing system for your industrial building, insulating your new roof to current Part L Regulations should be made a priority as it helps you to reduce heat gain in the summer whilst retaining heat in the winter months; in turn reducing the running costs of the building.

Having the correct insulation at the right thickness is crucial to obtaining the desired level of insulation or U-value.

Many industrial buildings lose large amounts of heat through their old roof coverings which are often asbestos cement sheeting or a single skin steel roof covering, providing little, if any, insulating properties.

Installing insulated an asbestos roof overcladding system, a Twin-skin steel insulated roof system or an insulated composite panel roofing system are all methods to create an energy efficient, low carbon roof covering.


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Cladding Options

Single Skin

Single skin and overclad installations are more affordable entry level cladding systems, most commonly used to overclad (or wrap) existing walls and roofs, including asbestos roofing.

Once in place they provide a newer more refreshed look to buildings, without going to the expense of built up or composite cladding systems – available with varying thicknesses of insulation.

Single skin and overclad installations are ideal in environments where minimal disruption to the business is required.

Built Up Cladding

Built up cladding systems are used for both overcladding (wrapping) existing buildings and stripping off and replacing old roofs and walls.

First a new liner is installed (with vapour proof membranes to stop condensation where needed). Then insulation is added (a variety of insulations and thicknesses are available to suit different building types). Finally the top outer layer is fitted.

Built up cladding systems are generally cheaper than composite systems but take longer to install (ideal for new builds).

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding panel systems are the higher end of the market, especially suited for clients that require specifically upgraded insulation guarantees, or when there are extreme time constraints in place to finish the works.

Uniform and precision manufactured off-site, the composite cladding panels are delivered ready made for quick installation, and as such are available in a variety of patterns, textures, finishes and colours (ideal for company branding purposes and also for new builds).

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