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Cut Edge Corrosion

What is Cut Edge Corrosion?

It is when corrosion develops, predominantly on roofs. It happens where the coating de-laminates and peels back from the sheet edge.

This is primarily due to weathering, the exposed metal surface will corrode and eventually perforate if left untreated. At this stage, replacement of the roof sheets will be the only suitable method of repair.

VBS Ltd are an approved contractor of Seamsil and are able to carry the repairs out to the highest of standards.

Cut Edge Corrosion before repairs carries out Liverpool Northwest UK
Cut Edge Corrosion completed in Liverpool Northwest UK VBS Ltd are Industry leaders in the refurbishment and protection of industrial and commercial roofing and cladding.

We use the most effective UV and corrosion resistant coatings available for the refurbishment of all roofing and cladding.

As industrial and commercial roofing contractors, we often find that metal cladding sheets are susceptible to corrosion and weathering, especially at the point where the metal sheet ends or overlaps with another sheet.

If cut edge corrosion is not addressed quickly it will eat into the metal sheet causing the sheet laps to fail and creating roof leaks into the building.

This could dramatically affect the value of the building and considerably increase maintenance costs.

As a rule, we would always recommend regularly coating your metal cladding in addition to frequent roof maintenance as an effective rust prevention method.

Cut Edge Corrosion treatment Manchester UK

Cut Edge Corrosion Manchester

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

After cut edge corrosion has been identified, the area must be first cleaned and prepared for treatment. Depending on the severity of the corrosion, loose paint, rust and corroded areas are often removed manually, to which we would then add a three part cut edge system to the affected areas. We always ensure that all cut edge corrosion treatments are undertaken with little disruption to your property, business and the general public.


  • Able to reinforcement heavily deteriorated laps
  • Able to prolong early roof sheet replacement
  • Aesthetically pleasing