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Roof Sheeting & Cladding


VBS Ltd are one of the leading Industrial Roofing and Cladding Contractors throughout the Northwest of England.

With all our combined years in the industrial roofing trade, we can offer you help on any roofing problems you may have and tailor a solution to suit your individual needs.

Over Cladding to Industrial unit roof Manchester
over cladding to industrial roof in Lancashire Roof Over Cladding & Asbestos Roof Over Cladding

Through years of experience VBS Ltd know that many buildings require substantial renovation during their lifetime. The cladding may fail or deteriorate to such an extent that extensive replacement or renewal is needed.

Over cladding is the renovation of a facade by the addition of a new skin over the original external fabric of the building. Buildings may also require remedial and aesthetic work to make them suitable for today’s environment and regulations.

Over cladding has been used extensively over time, most often these are 30-50 year old buildings suffering from a combination of poor thermal performance and poor physical performance.

Composite Roof & Wall Panels

Composite roof and wall panels comprise of an inner liner sheet and an outer corrugated panel with an insulated core, all in one composite panel. Composite panels can be used for roofs and walls. This is a modern industrial roofing and cladding system that is very popular in refurbishment as well as new builds.


  • Fast, single fix installation
  • Reliable thermal performance
  • Insulation continuity
  • Minimal air leakage
  • Elimination of cavity condensation and cold bridging
  • Greatly improved aesthetics of your building
Wall Over Cladding and Roof Over Cladding to Industrial unit Manchester Composite roof and wall panels
Built up Insulated System Over Clading to Industrial Roof Lancashire Built up Insulated System

Built up insulated systems have become a very popular option in the industrial roofing and cladding industry.

They are a relatively inexpensive roofing and cladding option compared to other systems that are available today, which is one reason why industrial and commercial building owners prefer this system.

This system is also the most cost effective method of allowing your building to achieve the current U value regulations which is why most specifiers recommend a built up insulated roof and wall cladding system for complete thermal efficiency.


  • Eliminate condensation
  • Reduce temperature change
  • Reduce your annual energy costs
  • Greatly improved aesthetics of your building
Strip and Re-sheet

Strip and re-sheeting effectively involves removing all of the previous roof and wall covering and replacing it with a new system ie.

  • Composite Panel
  • A built-up insulated system
  • Single Skin with anti-condensation backing metal roof sheet
Strip and Re-sheet with Composite Panels, Industrial Cladding Cheshire