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Roof Safety Survey

Roof safety survey

At VBS ltd we understand that the construction trade is forever changing, so must the health and safety legislations put in place protecting contractors from all trades. As Industrial Roofing contractors we have seen our fair share of changes within the health and safety legislations. At VBS ltd we are continuously striving to stay at the forefront  of health and safety as we believe in SAFE SITE WORK.

By undertaking a roof safety survey with VBS ltd we can determine where all the high risk areas are on your roof. Many roofs today are deemed unsafe due to the lack of handrails, harness lines, fall arrest equipment or more so a fragile roof covering.

Safe roof access is key for any future maintenance plans, whether that be in the form of perimeter barriers, handrails, man safe harness lines or the replacement of fragile roof panels.

Once VBS ltd have completed a roof safety survey, we will then be able to advise you on how to bring your roof area up to date with all working t height regulations. As VBS ltd are registered installers of many leading brands in edge protection and fall arrest equipment we can then provide you with competitive prices for installation to allow SAFE SITE WORK.