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Flat to Pitched

Flat to Pitched RoofingVBS Roofing Contractors know that ageing flat roofs can be problematic; the materials used on older roofs deteriorate under UV light or through the effects of standing water resulting in failure and leaks.

Whilst flat roof membrane technology has improved considerably over the past decade, there are still many buildings suffering as a result of poor design principles and working practices at their inception.

Often consistent water ingress has rendered roof structures beyond repair and insulation useless, resulting in fairly intensive refurbishment being necessary.

These old and problematic flat roofs can be transformed and revitalised with the new, innovative Flat to Pitched Roofing System.With minimal disruption to occupants during installation, a Flat to Pitched conversion provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to ongoing waterproofing problems.

  • A quickly installed and weather-tight solution to flat roof failure.
  • Systems individually designed and tailored to suit structural requirements.
  • Highly cost-effective option, especially where public spending cuts are being imposed.
  • Minimal disruption to building occupants.
  • Dramatically upgrades building aesthetics.
  • Upgrade thermal performance, in full compliance with the latest building regulation requirements.
  • Life of building considerably extended and future maintenance costs reduced.