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Industrial Rooflights

Overtime all rooflights age and become defective which can often be the cause of roof leaks or insufficient light levels.  We specialise in all roof light replacement on all types of roofs, sometimes known as skylights. We carry out all Industrial Roof Light services throughout Manchester, Lancashire and Northwest.

GRP Rooflights

Industrial Rooflights also known as ‘GRP rooflights’ consist of “Translucent GRP” with a surface treatment which resists the degradation and dis-coloration resulting from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.

Over the years VBS Roofing Contractors have found from feedback given by our clients, enhanced daylight into the work area increases staff morale, productivity and reduces energy costs.

To read more about GRP Rooflights click here.

GRP Rooflights before WM

GRP Rooflights after WM

Low Carbon Roof Lights

These low carbon rooflights offers the best solution when renewing your old existing rooflights and a non fragile superior strength is needed.

Benefits of Low Carbon Roof Lights

  • High strength rooflight sheet with lower embodied carbon
  • Stronger than conventionally reinforced GRP rooflights of the same weight
  • Better profile definition to suit the surrounding metal sheets
  • Best for strength, durability, performance and peace of mind


Dome Roof Lights

Dome Rooflights are an ideal way to maximise the transmission of natural day light through a flat roof into the interior.This system is highly suitable for flat roofs ie Schools, Offices, Corridors


  • Can be installed into existing flat roofs
  • Can provide three times more daylight than the same area of vertical windows
  • Provides a much more even distribution of light.
  • VBS can replace existing defective dome roof lights with new
Dome Rooflights WM
Dome Rooflights 2 WM


Factory Roof Lights

VBS Roofing Contractors offer the replacement of Northlights being Georgian Wired Roof Lights and Rough Cast Unwired Roof Lights for the older pre 1950s buildings.
If a glass roof panel i.e. Georgian Wired Roof Lights or Rough Cast Unwired roof lights gets damaged in any way, it can become a serious Health and Safety issue. We can replace these with rough cast Georgian wired glass or twin walled poly-carbonate panels.

Factory Rooflight WM
Factory Rooflight 2 WM

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