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Flat Roofs

Single Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing, sometimes known as EPDM or Rubber Roofing provides extensive freedom of choice in roof design, durability and appearance to suit new construction or refurbishment. VBS have carried out various sizes of rubber roofing throughout the Northwest UK


  • Single ply membranes are strong and flexible.
  • With heat welded and sealed at the joints to form continuous waterproofing
  • combined with insulation and continuous support they become complete, durable roof systems
Single Ply 2 WM2
Single Ply WM2 new

Flat to Pitched Roofing

VBS Roofing Contractors know that ageing flat roofs can be problematic; the materials used on older roofs deteriorate under UV light or through the effects of standing water resulting in failure and leaks.

These Problems can be solved and roofs completely transformed with a cost effective conversion to a pitched roof, achieved by the installation of an individually designed flat to pitch galvanised steel or timber structural frame system.

Benefits of Flat to Pitch Conversions:

  • Minimum disruption to the use of building and no problems with water ingress during the process of conversation as the flat roof remains intact.
  • Improve the aesthetic of the building with a variety of roof finishes available. Choose from traditional tile or slate, modern lightweight tile effect systems or metal cladding.
  • Enhance the thermal performance of the roof up to current building regulations and beyond with modern insulations
  • Reduce the long term maintenance cost of existing flat roof and prolong life of building considerably.
  • Increases property value.


VBS Ltd carry out all Roofing and Roof Repairs as above throughout Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire & Northwest.

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