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Drone Surveys

Accessing the roof for short term work like roof surveys can pose substantial risks. With over 30 years of experience in providing effective roof safety systems, VBS Ltd drone-based roof surveys provide a means of producing high quality imagery of a roof area without posing any risk to personnel

VBS Ltd work regularly with a number of chartered surveyors across the regions.  Increasingly surveyors are recognising the benefits that drone technology can offer.  These benefits include: a much reduced health and safety risk.: there are no people, plants or other obstructions up in the air.

Minimal disruption: Our team only requires a clear line of sight of where the drone is flying. Therefore, unlike a cherry picker, scaffolding or tower that may obstruct an entrance or occupy valuable parking spaces, a safety zone can be established away from the building or structure.

Better quality images: a drone-mounted camera takes photographs at predetermined intervals. The images are very high resolution, enabling the viewer to zoom in and see a high level of detail.

Reduced survey time: compared to cherry pickers or scaffolding, a drone can be set up and ready to fly in approximately 20 minutes.

Environmentally friendly: because they are powered by rechargeable batteries, drones do not generate any fumes. The only potential disturbance is the sound of the rotors.

Access: in some circumstances it may not be physically possible to use a cherry picker or scaffolding to reach a roof or high-level elevation due to access or weight constraints, which could result in very high costs.