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Asbestos Roof Survey

Asbestos roof survey

VBS Ltd specialise in asbestos roof refurbishment and remedial work.  With all our combined years in the industrial roofing industry, we are well aware of the components used in the making of asbestos roofs and the risks and dangers involved in not only working on them but also occupying buildings containing asbestos roofing materials whilst work is carried out on them.

We have a 3 step plan at VBS Ltd to ensure the safety of everyone involved with asbestos roof surveys and any asbestos roofing work undertaken.  These steps are as follows:-

  • Is the area safe for any asbestos samples to be taken and or asbestos roofing work to be carried out
  • Make sure all PPE for working with asbestos is in full working order and fit for use
  • Remove a small sample of asbestos to be sent to a (UKAS) approved laboratory for testing

When our asbestos roof survey has been carried out, we can then advise you on the correct method depending on the condition of your industrial asbestos roof whether that is to:-

1.   remove

2.   coat

3.   overclad your existing asbestos roof.